Getting Started
First Media Note

Create Your First Media Note

Welcome to your first adventure in efficient video note-taking with Media Extended. We've made everything straightforward, so even if you're just starting, you'll find it incredibly easy to dive in and begin capturing media notes right away.

Opening a player

To kick off, let's try opening a YouTube video directly within Obsidian. You can easily do this by clicking on the link to "Me at the zoo" video

first player with youtube video

Taking Notes

Upon opening the video in the enhanced player provided by the plugin, you'll notice two essential buttons at the top of the player: the Screenshot and Timestamp buttons.

  • Timestamp ⭐ : Clicking this button will create a new note within Obsidian that includes a timestamp linked directly to the moment in the video you're watching.
  • Screenshot 📷 : This button allows you to capture a screenshot of the current video frame and save it as an image file within your vault, alongside the timestamp and video link.

When you're ready to start taking notes, simply click the Timestamp or Screenshot button to begin capturing your thoughts and observations.

first media note

To do more with the player while taking notes, you can open the command palette and search for Media Extended: to see all available commands. Here you can fast forward, rewind, pause, play, and more. Per obsidian spec for plugin, no hotkeys are assigned by default, but you can assign them yourself following this guide (opens in a new tab).

media commands

You can find full list of commands and their descriptions in the commands reference.

You may notice that the player is now marked as "active" with a red icon 🟥 in tab header. This indicates that the player is currently being used to take notes. This is useful when you're working inside notes that is not nessessarily a media note, but you still want to control the player.

If you want the "Link with pane" behavior (opens in a new tab) from versions before v3, you can use media commands or assigned hotkeys when focused on the note to control the player.

Shared Player

When working with multiple notes with different media, you could find it annoying to keep open new players for each video. Media Extended solves this problem by integrating obsidian's native "pin tab" feature. Just right-click on the player tab and select "Pin". Now, this player will be shared across all notes and media, and you can easily switch between notes without being spammed with multiple players.

pin player

Opening from different sources

Here are guides for opening media from different sources:

  1. For media in your vault, just open it as you would any other file. The plugin will recognize it and open it in the enhanced player.
  2. For other files on your computer, use media quick switcher by:
    1. Entering the file path, and press enter.
    2. Drag and drop the file into the input, and press enter.
    3. Use "Open local" command to select media file from file picker.

Media Quick Switcher

If you're opening a media file not in your vault, you can use the media quick switcher to open it. You can invoke it by click on play button in the ribbon or using the command palette to search for Media Extended: Open media.

quick switcher